Thursday, April 19, 2018


We've been enjoying the spring, not-spring, spring weather and getting our yard in order for the year. We basically create something new each season or so, one day the whole thing will be done and lovely and just what we want. 

Today, there are pockets of magic. 
Like my roses 
From eye level 
And from above! 

I finally planted blueberries - and forsythia as our yard somehow had none. Harris spent an entire afternoon re-setting these curbstones that had sunk over decades. 

Little Pebble Creek is filling in nicely. That's one pretty drainage ditch! 

The front yard bench near the roses. 

Otherside of the front yard

And PLUM TREES to compliment the peach trees! Our Orchard is starting to take shape. 

it's all pieces here and there because we do have this whole set of girls who need... quite a lot of our attention. We're happy to oblige most days. 

Easter egg hunts are hard!  Marianne at her 2nd easter egg hunt. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Bill's new smile

Before reading this, know I have Bill's full permission to share.

Most of my friends know Dollar Bill is my daughters' self-proclaimed godfather. The girls run in delight when they hear him approaching calling their names. For our youngest, he's decided she goes by her middle name, asking for little Hillary.

What you might not know is that this summer he's experienced some hardships that require surgery. His remaining upper teeth have suddenly failed, making eating, talking, chewing difficult for him. He also doesn't smile as much anymore.

Bill had some dental work done when he joined the Navy in the 80s. They pulled teeth and left him with partials that have now failed. The VA won't fix this for him and he doesn't have dental insurance. While you can't see his teeth, his roots are intact - necessitating surgery before he can get dentures.

A reputable local dentist  has examined Bill and come up with a plan of treatment to remove his roots and create dentures and partials for him. The cost right now is $6,450. The dentist will give us a discount for paying in cash. We've got $2,000 on it and are trying to raise another $2,000 at least from donations from friends and neighbors.

Harris and I are collecting all of the donations for Bill and will pay directly to the dentist for his treatment.

If you would like to contribute to this or would like more information to make an informed decision, please contact me so I can provide further details.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Baby pictures.

That's what happens when you start working on houses right? You start having babies who delight you and get in the way of finishing projects.

We hired Merritt-who-has-moved-to-charlotte to photograph the family.

Marianne Hillary Spring

And her adoring sisters

Related - the adults are now on diets

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Front yard

We decided we wanted the front yard and porch to be finished. Like, for real playful, beautiful, and not on our mind.

To do that, we needed to finish little pebble creak as well as find pavers to make a complimentary walkway.

And what to do about the grass. Just...start over . Harris and our neighbor Adam rented a sod cutter and cut the top layer of dirt off of the front yard. Then they picked up the chunks of sod and dirt and grass and loaded it into the back of the truck over and over and over again taking about four tons of dirt and junk to the county dump.
Dad and I took a good load or two ourselves during their short visit while Mom hung out with Margot and Marianne.
We were going to lay sod but sort distracted. We decided instead to throw out some lime, fertilizer, and seed and see what happens.


Our littlest creature is such a delight. Some pictures of her first three months in our family.
Sometimes we call her the maymaybaybay, little Hillary, mayYann, but we haven't yet settled on the just right family pet name.
She'll help us figure one out soon enough.

Margot loved the cream filled croissant muffin. Apartments being built in Central Park in the background. 

Laying on my big squishy tummy 

Laying on the coffee bar at the coop

My favorite infant picture so far 

Selfie I took while nursing and cooking dinner.

Ok, I love sleeping babies. 


We've been very slowly attempting to convert the South Lawn into more than a grass pit and parking lot.

We started earlier in the year by having TROSA come and remove all of the leaves, ivy, and debris from the yard. We then fixed the fence at the back property line so none of us would fall over the 8ft drop into the church parking lot behind our house. Fun times. One day, the tree that is on their property that leans over their church is going to fall.  We've talked to them so many times, offering to let them use our yard to trim or remove the tree... their response was that they have insurance if anything happens. 

OK then. 

Then, we finally got started building the swingset.

Hard to believe, but when Harris and our friend/neighbor Rob went to disassemble and bring the parts back from Raleigh, the dolphin swing was for Margot. She got her ride in it, was joyful, then moved on to the big girl swings. 

Madeline taking pictures of me and Marianne. 

Madeline climbs on her own, Margot needs a little boost. The fairy skirt trees aren't covered in ants yet this season so are still fun to daydream in. 

Margot got first slide. Madeline first twirl on the disk swing thing.

We bought the swingset on Craigslist for $300, disassembled and transported it, left it sitting in our yard in pieces for a year, then after buying $300 worth of parts (it is a 20 yr old wooden swingset afterall) Harris spent a leisurely two afternoons reassembling everything and building a platform where the sandbox used to be.  New these are several thousand. Our girls are delighted with their $700 20 year old swingset.